Gym Rules 

  • Walk in with an “I can attitude”: Even if the WOD looks crazy hard know that our coaches have your best interest in mind and will make sure that you will succeed no matter what your skill level. If you come in thinking that there is no way you can do this workout then that attitude will carry over to the entire class. Be the person who always tries their best.

  • Don’t be tardy for the party: Please show up on time for class and sign in ahead of time, heck better yet show up early so you can foam roll and chat with all the other members. I understand that life happens so being late a couple of times is understandable but when you are continuously late it is disruptive to the other athletes and your coach. If you are going to be late please let your assigned coach know ahead of time. 

  • Be respectful of your coaches at all times: Even if you have done class a thousand times follow along like its the first time, you may even learn something new. Don't jump ahead of the coach, trust me they will let you know when you can get equipment and start putting on weights. DO NOT TALK OVER YOUR COACH, it is my number one pet peeve and will not be tolerated. 

  • You are responsible for yourself: Our motto is “community over competition” which means we want you to focus on you!!! That also means that you need to be responsible for your efforts. We don't do half effort so make sure that you are doing all the movements properly and counting accordingly. If you want to RX the workout but aren't going full dept on your squats then you need to call yourself on it, don’t make your coach do it for you. 

  • Have respect YO: In holding on to our strong community we ask that you refrain from talking about other athletes or coaches if they are not present. This causes so much drama and you can leave the drama for your mama! If you have a legitimate concern with something you are welcome to bring it to coach shayla’s attention and she will help come up with a solution. 

  • Clean your station: Please clean up after yourself in the gym and restroom. If you are super sweaty or get bloody, hey it happens, we have disinfection wipes for you to use on the bars, rigs and floor. If you get little wild in the restroom there are wipes in there as well! When it comes to using the chalk please keep it in the buckets, if you decided to use it as magic fairy dust, your coach will happily show you where we keep the mop.

  • Children’s policy: We absolutely LOVE having all the kids here and provide an awesome space for them to be, please make sure you help your child clean up the mess in the kids room when we are finished with class. Also unless a child is in a carseat and strapped down, or has gotten permission from their coach, children are not allowed to be on the floor during classes or playing on the equipment or throwing the balls. It is a safety hazard and would be devastating if someones sweet munchkin got hurt. Also at no time may the children play with the hand chalk, pet peeve #2.

  • Please respect the equipment: At no time should an empty barbell be dropped to the ground, if it makes any noise when set down you've dropped it. Please put all equipment back where you found it, if you found it put away wrong then put it back the right way. Please wipe down all soft mats, ab mats and yoga mats, to keep them nice and clean.

  • BE COACHABLE: Leave your ego at the door, your coaches are here to make sure that you are safe and that you are doing the movements to standard. If your coach corrects you, listen to them and take their advice, they have the advanced knowledge and they may be seeing something that you didn't know you were doing. If at any time you chose to disrupt class by arguing with any of the coaches, you will be asked to leave. 

  •  Last but not least: MAKE THIS THE BEST HOUR OF YOUR DAY!!


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