Fundamentals of CrossFit 

Ready to start CrossFit but not sure what you are suppose to do? Our fundamentals of CrossFit allows you to start taking classes right away by assigning you a private coach. Your coach will help you move smoothly through class and help you with movement standards or any questions you may have. Your coach will stay with you for up to 8 classes in order to make sure you have a good understanding of all things CrossFit. 

With this you receive your first class for free and you get a free nutrition consultation with our Nutrition coach. 

Kids CrossFit

Kids CrossFit is a uniquely designed class dedicated to getting kids to understand the importance of moving their bodies and working in a team.

We welcome ages 6-14 and depending on class sizes will either run one large class or split them into 2 back to back classes.  This class goes for 6 weeks at a time running for 45 minutes Monday and Wednesday starting at 3:30pm and is $75. We give a discount for additional kids in the same family. 


We will be focusing on body weight movements, team work and skills that involve olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic. 

(208) 859-4111

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