Nutrition Coaching

Shayla Ford 

Levels of nutrition

Level 1: Beginner in understanding nutrition, doesn't know what to eat, minimal cooking, not satisfied after a meals. 

Level 2: Understands a little about nutrition, isn't sure if they're eating the right things, cooks some meals, eating while distracted. 

Level 3: Understands nutrition, might not know if they are eating the right amount of food, meal preps, uses food for performance and recovery.

Level 4: Eats within their carbs, fat and protein, needs new food ideas within their macro count, meal preps, uses food for optimal performance and recovery, uses supplements

Coaching Rates

Monthly (1 check in)

$25 per month

Best for level 3-4

Includes: nutrition questionnaire  monthly check in, monthly goals list, portion control sheet, Macro nutrition

BI-monthly (2 check ins)

$50 per month 

Best for level 3-4

Includes: nutrition questionnaire,

bi-monthly check in, 2 week goals list, portion control sheet 

Weekly check in

$75 per month 

Best for level 1,2,3

Includes: Nutrition questionnaire,

weekly check ins, weekly goals list, portion control sheet, grocery store list 

*10% discount if more than one month is purchased at a time. 

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