The Coaches 

Coach Angela 

CrossFit Level 1 coach since 2018

Growing up sports were life for Angela. Competing, leading, being part of a team and being a student to the game was what earned her a softball athletic scholarship in college. Giving up sports after college seemed unnatural so after 3 pregnancies in 4 years she was ready to get her athletic self back. Angela turned to Shayla to help guide her through and the process. As Shayla moved into CrossFit exclusively Angela fell in love with the feeling of being a competitive athlete again. CrossFit gave her the community she had missed and as she expanded her knowledge of health and wellness she accepted a position as a coach. She believes that CrossFit has changed all aspects of her life not only as an athlete but as a mom, wife, daughter and friend.

Her favorite workouts include barbell cycling and burpees because they make her feel fast AF and she strives to improve her quickness at snatches. She believes that eating your vegetables gets you PR's and broccoli goes with everything but spaghetti and meatballs with some mozzarella is the way to her heart. 

Coach Chayanne 

CrossFit level 1 coach since 2019

Coach Chayanne was originally introduced to CrossFit when she was in high school and has been intrigued by the sport ever since. It wasn't until the summer of 2018 that she saw Shayla at her work and she convinced her to come and try a class. She was so excited but wasn't sure if it was something she would be able to fit into her lifestyle since she was working 3 jobs and supporting herself but once she went she never looked back. Shayla approached her about getting her certification to coach and to be the Kids CrossFit coach which she happily accepted. She recently discovered how much she enjoys the push press and she loves how barbell cycling make her feel extra cool. Her favorite workouts are partner odd object carries and just being part of a team. Her tried and true favorite health food is a good smoothie because you can get so many nutrients in one thing. But rest assure coach Chayanne can definitely put down some tacos. 

Coach Shayla

Owner/Head Coach  

CrossFit Level 1 coach since 2017

CrossFit Gymnastics certified 2018

Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach

There are many hats coach Shayla has worn in her life but coach and athlete have been by far her favorite ones. She has been an athlete from the age of 5 and played many different sports but it wasn't until her freshman year of high school that she walked into the weight room that she realized her strength as an athlete and she got her first coaching job as a tennis instructor and swim instructor at the age of 16. Once out of high school she continued on the path of athletics and coaching when she joined the YMCA masters swim team and competed and coached for 4 years. After having 2 children and staying home she sought out to get certified as a personal trainer and did so in 2015. She started CrossFit because she realized that herself and her clients were just not getting what they needed from the gym she was at. She opened Siuslaw Crossfit in 2018 in her garage and has built it from there with her amazing coaches and 

community of people behind her. 

Her favorite workouts include any thing with gymnastics and double under and she loves finding a weight or skill she isn't great at because it becomes an amazing goal to work towards. Shayla believes that fruits and vegetables can solve all your problems but when that doesn't work a  good cup of cold brew coffee will. 

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